1-on-1 nutrition counseling

Have a 1-on-1 nutrition consult for your child from the comfort of your home! All consults are done over video or phone, enabling you to get the best nutrition education without having to leave your home or get your child out of their daily routine! Buy individual sessions or buy a package to save! Biomedical testing isn’t required, but highly recommended.

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Biomedical Testing Options

Biomedical testing is a vital part of developing nutrition recommendations! With testing, we are able to get individualized results and implement an individualized recommendation plan, instead of solely implementing a “blanket approach”. Because every individual on the autism spectrum is different, it’s important that we treat them as such! There is no one diet or treatment for every individual on the autism spectrum, so by using testing we are able to develop a diet and supplement regimen that reduces inflammation, repletes nutrients, increases cognition, and sets your child up for optimum health and the greatest quality of life.

Biomedical testing is not mandatory, though recommended. We will discuss different biomedical testing options during our initial consult (CLICK HERE to schedule).

  1. Food Sensitivity Testing

Food sensitivity is common in ASD and often manifests as GI issues, fatigue, lack of concentration/brain fog, migraine & headache, dark circles under the eyes, skin issues, and many other symptoms. Test for food sensitivity to 170 different foods & chemicals to build your child’s individualized diet and help decrease systemic inflammation.


2. GI-MAP Gut Panel

GI-MAP allows us to test gastrointestinal pathogens like bacteria, parasites and viruses that may be leading to GI symptoms, making autistic symptoms worse. Studies show that children with ASD with frequent abdominal pain and gastrointestinal issues had more irritability, social withdrawal, and hyperactivity. Individuals with ASD are more likely to have imbalance of gut bacteria, yeast overgrowth, and leaky gut!

3. Organic Acids Test

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) is considered a “metabolic snapshot” of what is going on in the body. It provides information on important neurotransmitters, nutritional markers, glutathione status, oxalate metabolism, evaluation of intestinal yeast and bacteria, and much more. The test includes 74 urinary metabolite markers that can be very useful for discovering underlying causes of chronic illness.



4. Micronutrient Testing

With micronutrient testing, we are able to test levels of over 35 different vitamins and minerals to determine if the individual is deficient or borderline. Many issues can lead to nutrient deficiency such as selective diets, malabsorption, or other genetic issues. We can even test for omega fatty acids, which are commonly low in individuals with ASD.

5. Nutrigenetic (SNP) Panel

Have you ever wondered how your genes are impacting your body’s nutrition status? Some genes can play a major role in the way we break down and absorb the nutrients from our food and supplements. Research shows us that children with ASD are more likely to have genetic mutations affecting methylation, such as the MTHFR genes. With 23andMe or Ancestry.com data, we are able to identify mutations in over 35 different genes and adjust diet and supplements to fit your genes!


+ Supplement Regimens

Wondering if your child’s supplement regimen is sufficient, or just looking to get one started? Supplements are a great option to boost nutrient intake when the diet isn’t perfect. They are also vital in children with selective diets when diet change isn’t immediately possible. By starting an individualized supplement regimen, we can boost immunity, cognition, and in some cases verbalization and eye contact. Supplements help correct nutrient deficiencies and boost nutrient status. You will receive guidance on supplement regimens in all consults and gain access to discounted professional-grade supplements.

Custom Packages

See multiple tests you’d like to do? Contact me to build a custom package with a price break. Payment plans are available.



Professional Speaking

Hosting a conference, workshop, or meeting?

Brittyn is available for professional speaking events for many different topics like nutrition for autism, the gut/brain connection, and many others!