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6 months. You & me. working to uncover your child’s best self.

Here's what you'll get with Brittyn's exclusive Nutrition for Autism 6-Month Nutrition Counseling and Biomedical Testing Program.

Designed Specifically for Parents with a child with autism


You'll be motivated and ready to go in-depth to your child's health and nutrition after our 90-minute intensive coaching session. We'll extensively review past medical history, review all medications and supplements, analyze growth patterns, discuss past lab results, and set the scene for what is to come next. We will not leave a stone unturned! You'll feel confident knowing which steps need to be taken in order to address underlying health and gut issues and help your child become their best self.


As your dietitian, we form a partnership. I take on your child's struggles as my own and help you stay accountable on changing your child's and your family's lifestyle for the better. We'll review progress and changes since our previous consult and tweak your individual protocol as seen fit. We will review lab results, if available, during these follow-up consults. I will coach you on many of the topics listed under ‘Potential Topics’ below.


The GI-MAP Panel is the top-of-the-line stool analysis panel that evaluates the status of your child's gut. Since most of our health starts in the gut, this is a great way for us to uncover hidden imbalances and abnormalities. This measures the gut bacteria (the good and the bad), yeast overgrowth, fungi, harmful pathogens, parasites & worms, digestive function, and leaky gut. We can use these results to individualize your child's protocol to heal the gut and make them feel their best. Because the gut biome can change in as little as 2-3 months, we are able to check in on our work and see the changes that have taken place after 3 months of our individualized protocol.


The Mediator Release Test (MRT) Food Sensitivity Panel is the most specific food sensitivity panel on the market. Instead of only testing for IgG food sensitivities (like most panels), it also tests for IgA, IgM, and T-Cell reaction, showing us the full picture to your child's sensitivities and inflammation caused by diet. From these results we can further tailor your child's individualized diet specifically for your child.


SpectraCell is an extremely accurate representation of 35 different vitamins and minerals in your child's body. Traditional lab tests measure nutrients outside of the cell (serum), which is not a good representation of what your child's body is actually absorbing or able to use. SpectraCell measures nutrients inside of the cell which gives us our long-term stores, enabling us to accurately replete deficiencies through diet and supplements. We will also test levels of omega fatty acids that are necessary for brain development.

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The MTHFR gene is one of the most studied genes to date that impacts a vital process in our bodies called methylation. The MTHFR gene also directly impacts the way that our bodies turn folic acid into the active form of folate. Some studies say that up to 50% of children with ASD have at least one mutation of the MTHFR gene, and could even be a risk factor for development of ASD. We test for both genes, C677T and A1298C.

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We will test levels of toxic heavy metals such as lead, mercury, aluminum, and 15 other levels. Heavy metals can have a major impact on neurodevelopment, so it’s important we can rule out toxicity or discuss other options if heavy metals are an issue.

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Individuals with autism often have decreased detox function, which often causes buildup of toxic environmental pollutants and compounds. These can come from our water, food, air, personal products, or other parts of our daily routine. These toxins are often neurotoxic and endocrine disruptors.


As your dietitian, I'm here for you! I always stress that I actually mean you can contact me at any time. You can reach out with questions, clarifications, and feedback at any time. If a time-sensitive matter arises that is better handled voice-to-voice, just say the word and we'll schedule a call. You are able to chat me over the Practice Better Portal or email me at any time.


While diet is our baseline, long-term solution to nutrition status, often times additional support is needed short-term or in higher concentration. I will develop an individualized supplement regimen for your child and consistently update and share it with you as we tweak it to your child's individualized needs. You can rest knowing that all supplements are quality-tested and made to meet the highest standards with no additives or allergens. You will be invited into my FullScript catalog and will receive 15% off all supplements.

  • Individualized health assessment to calculate individualized nutrient needs, identify diet nutrient deficits, and work toward revealing underlying root causes

  • Lifetime access to my client-only Google Drive filled with educational videos, handouts, and templates

  • Free access to all future webinars + my webinar library to allow you to educate yourself in between our sessions

  • Weekly accountability forms to keep you accountable for all changes we are making and all assigned tasks

  • Feedback on food logs to give you confidence when feeding your child

  • Free genome analysis with access to 23-and-Me or data (if applicable)

  • A full welcome binder as a guide to our program, a place to keep all session notes, lab values, accountability forms, and monitor symptoms

  • Building a balanced plate to ensure your child is getting the optimal nutrients during mealtime

  • Choosing the best quality of foods for your child and how to grocery shop stress-free

  • How to avoid environmental toxins in your day-to-day life to decrease toxic load

  • Make the connection between the gut and the brain to help you understand how your child's gut health may be holding back their brain and body health. We can individualize diet and supplements based on your child's gut health status

  • Explore food sensitivities and create a personalized diet for your child based on their food sensitivities, intolerances, and allergies

  • Replete nutrient deficiencies based on their individualized nutrient levels

  • Individualizing your child's supplement regimen based on their unique nutrition needs and their current diet

  • Teaching you the unique feeding therapy process to getting your child to try new foods and to add them to their consistent food repertoire

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