Nutrition Counseling

Have a one-on-one nutrition consult for your child from the comfort of your home!

All consults are done over video or phone, enabling you and your child to get the best nutrition education without having to leave your home or get your child out of their daily routine! The initial consult is a 90-minute comprehensive evaluation of your child where I will:

  1. Evaluate height, weight, and BMI status

  2. Calculate individualized nutrient needs (calories, protein, fluid, etc)

  3. Analyze current supplement regimen (if applicable)

  4. Recommended individualized daily supplement regimen to meet your child's nutrient needs

  5. Explore additional supplements for your child based on their individualized symptoms

  6. Analyze current nutrient intake

  7. Provide assistance to help expand your child's diet and food repertoire

  8. Review current or past diet trials and make recommendations

  9. Explore gastrointestinal abnormalities

  10. Rule out possible or suspected food allergies and intolerances

  11. Analyze sleep patterns and help your child sleep without melatonin or medications

  12. Review of past biomedical, diagnostic, and genetic labs (if applicable)

  13. Recommend further biomedical, diagnostic, and genetic labs (if applicable)

  14. Provide additional resources for you to be successful and for your child to lead a healthful life

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nutrition Counseling Right for my child?

Is your child a picky eater? Have texture issues? Diagnosed (or undiagnosed) with a gastrointestinal disorder? Recent weight loss or gain? Suspected food allergies or intolerances? Suspected nutrient deficiencies? The list goes on and on!! 

Brittyn will help you pinpoint areas in your child's nutrition that need help and give SOLUTIONS to help with all of your child's nutrition-related struggles. You can rest easy knowing that your child is getting the proper nutrition for them to grow and be successful. If you are still insure if nutrition counseling is right for you, you can set up a FREE 30-minute phone consult with Brittyn to ask questions about services and help you make the right decision for you and your child. 

What is covered during Follow-Up Appointments?

Follow-ups are typically 45 minute appointments where we revisit the goals and nutrition problems that were outlined from your child's initial nutrition consult. During each appointment, we will pinpoint a nutrition problem and design an individualized plan for your child to help solve this problem. Follow-ups can also be used guide you on diet trials and help you stay accountable and answer all of your questions along the way. I will also assist you in tracking your child's progress on each of the diets so we can be sure to only continue a particular diet if it is truly helping your child. 

How often will we follow up?

Some follow-ups start up weekly or bi-weekly and may progress to monthly or quarterly as needed. Just as every child with ASD is different, each child's nutrition needs and status are different. We will develop an individualized plan for your child to ensure they are getting adequate nutrition and timely follow-ups based on their needs.