Nutrigenetics Package

This package is perfect for any child regardless of diagnosis. From 23andMe data we are able to analyze genetic mutations that may be affecting absorption of nutrients from food and supplements. From here, we are able to develop a diet and supplement regimen specifically for your child’s genes. This is a comprehensive evaluation and individualized plan for your child’s gut utilizing the results found from PureGenomics.

What’s Included:

(1) 60-Minute Initial Consult (?)

(1) PureGenomics Report

(1) 60-Minute Follow-Up

(2) 45-Minute Follow-Ups

Not included:

23andMe Saliva Collection Kit (click here to purchase for 10% off)

Additional Perks:

  • Package pricing includes 10% off all consult fees

  • Get a lifetime 20% discount on all supplements on FullScript & free shipping over $50

  • Individualized Supplement Regimen chart developed for your child

  • Follow-up emails after every consult to include all handouts, resources, and links

  • Access to my electronic booking platform to send me messages, book online, and record metrics

  • “Open Inbox Policy” - email me any time, I’m always here to help

  • Payment plans available! (see below)

Payment Options

$800 once (5-7% price break)*

$420 monthly for 2 months*

$285.33 monthly for 3 months*

*PLEASE NOTE: this pricing does not include the 23andMe Saliva Kit that must be purchased separately from 23andMe directly. Click here for 10% off your kit (it’s best to buy Health + Ancestry though Ancestry alone will still work).

Want to use your HSA or Flex funds? You can! You can also request a SuperBill to possibly be reimbursed by your insurance. If you want more information regarding insurance coverage, CLICK HERE.

Please note: I am only able to provide services inside the United States.

15-Minute Discovery Call - FREE

Let me help you explore which package would be best for you! Please note that this phone call will not serve as any nutritional guidance. It is solely to answer any logistical questions regarding booking, what services are offered, deciding packages, etc. Please note: nutritional advice will only be given during consults.

Our Timeline

Week 0: You purchase your package, order your 23andMe Saliva Collection Kit, and schedule our 60-Minute Initial Consult. If you have questions before purchasing/scheduling, you’re always welcome to contact me or schedule a quick (and free) 15-minute phone call. You can pay/schedule online or over the phone.

Week 1: We meet each other during a 60-Minute Initial Consult and will go over collecting your saliva sample for 23andMe.

Week 2: You receive the 23andMe Saliva Collection Kit in the mail, collect the sample, and ship it off (shipping label is included), all from the comfort of your home

Week 5-7*: We receive results from GI-MAP and review them together during a 60-minute follow-up consult. We discuss diet change, order supplements (at a discount), and address other lifestyle changes.

Week 7-9: We discuss diet/lifestyle changes, questions, and tweak our individualized plan during a 45-minute follow-up consult.

Week 11-13: We discuss diet/lifestyle changes, questions, and tweak our individualized plan during our last 45-minute follow-up consult.


*23andMe results take an average of 3-5 weeks to be received. These dates are an estimate based on typical turnaround time.

Custom Packages Are Available!

See multiple tests you’d like to have run? Contact me to build a custom package! Payment plans are available. Price varies.