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Nutrigenetic (PureGenomics) Report


While there is no specific gene known to cause autism, there can still be many gene mutations that affect the way our bodies break down nutrients. Whenever our bodies are not able to break down nutrients correctly, nutrient deficiencies can arise causing many other issues. Gene mutations can also help explain many other comorbidities such as depression, mood disorders, infertility, body weight and BMI, immunity, cognitive health, and memory.

It’s exciting to live in a time where we have access to our full genome and can visualize genetic mutations and actually do something about them! We can change our diets, lifestyles, and supplement regimen to reflect what our genes say about our health at a cellular level!

Nutrigenetics examines how your body responds to nutrients based on your genetics while nutrigenomics studies how nutrients affect your body’s expression of your genes. Our goal with nutrigenetics is to develop an individual nutrition plan to help your child achieve and maintain their best health possible.

Typical genetic panels can cost thousands of dollars without insurance coverage (and insurance rarely picks up genetic testing, unless it’s absolutely medically necessary). My recommended genetic testing is 23andMe because you get your health + ancestry data along with your full genetic data! With their raw data, I am able to generate a report from PureGenomics to help individualize your child's supplement regimen based on their individual genes. This can help us find genes like MTHFR, COMT, and many others that can be addressed with nutrition therapy and supplements.


Genes Reviewed by PureGenomics

  • MTHFR (reduces ability to turn folic acid into folate)

  • COMT (reduced detoxification of catecholamines & estrogen)

  • FUT2 (risk of low vitamin B12 status and lower intestinal microbial diversity)

  • MTR (potential B12 depletion)

  • MTRR (slower regeneration of B12)

  • TCN2 (delivery of B12 to cells may be limited)

  • BCMO (reduced ability to convert beta-carotene to active vitamin A)

  • GC (delivery of D3 to cells may be limited)

  • SLC30AB (zinc requirements may be altered)

  • GPx1P1 (reduced ability to excrete toxins with glutathione)

  • FADS (reduced ability to convert omega-3 fatty acid precursors (plant-based sources) into active omega-3 fatty acids (EPA & DHA)

  • …and so many more! Click download below to view

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