Feeding Therapy

While 1-on-1 feeding therapy is out of my scope of practice, I do coach parents through the logistics of feeding therapy and help your child get scheduled with a feeding specialist. At-home feeding therapy can be very effective and help your child start accepting more foods and food groups. Interested in feeding therapy coaching? Click here to schedule an initial appointment.

Picky Eater or Problem Feeder?

Unsure if your child is just a picky eater or if they are a problem feeder?

Facts About Food Selectivity

  • “Food selectivity is more common in children with ASDs than in typically developing children." 

  • “Children with ASDs refused more vegetables than did typically developing children." 

  • “Parents of children with ASDs recorded that their child ate significantly fewer types of foods.”  

  • “Inadequate intakes of vitamin D and calcium were more frequent for children with ASDs compared with typically developing children.”

  • "Overall, children with ASDs had a greater number of nutrients for which intake was inadequate compared with typically developing children (p = 0.03)"

  • "Children who had a narrower food repertoire were more likely to have inadequate intake of more nutrients."

Bandini, L. G., et al. (2010). "Food selectivity in children with autism spectrum disorders and typically developing children." J Pediatr 157(2): 259-264.