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Can You Cure Autism?


Can You CURE Autism?

To date, there is no known definitive cure or cause of autism. What I WILL do is provide your child with an individualized nutrition plan that will help treat root causes of autistic behaviors and assist you in helping them reach their nutritional recommendations. By following certain diets, participating in feeding therapy, healing the gut, and decreasing systemic inflammation, we are able to treat many behavioral symptoms that stem from these underlying nutrition and medical problems without medications in order to help heal your child from the inside out. A large majority of people see great improvements in their child's behavior, academic performance, cognition, and gastrointestinal symptoms, which all contribute to autistic behaviors. Just as every child is different, every child's improvement will be different.

Read more about the success of nutrition intervention (diet and nutritional supplements versus medication) on autism through a study done by the Autism Research Institute.

(HINT: parents report higher success with nutrition intervention than medication usage).

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